Siblings Day

I was thinking about how I could remember my sister in a special way and then I found out there is a “Siblings Day” also known as National Siblings Day.  It is not recognized in all parts of the United States but it is becoming increasingly popular.
Siblings Day was originally conceived by Claudia Evart to honor the memory of her brother and sister, both of whom had died.  It is celebrated on April 10.  April 10 was the birthday of Claudia Evart’s sister, Lisette.

Carolyn Maloney, then U.S. Representative for New York’s 12th congressional district, officially saluted the holiday and introduced it into the official Congressional Record of the United States Congress on April 6, 2005.  It is not federally recognized, though the Siblings Day Foundation is working to change this.  There is a website about Siblings Day:

Oprah Winfrey featured and celebrated Siblings Day on her national and international daily television show on April 10, 2007 and the show was repeated on three separate occasions.

Did you know…79% of all children have siblings when growing up.  This is from information derived from  It is a special day to celebrate relationships that last longer than a parent/child relationship.  Happy Siblings Day!

Gipar Hand painted glassware – made in Italy since 1946

It is hard to believe that such a company exists with such beautiful, artistic glassware all handmade in Florence, Italy.  Gipar is a family run business handed down from father to son.  Today Giampiero runs the company handed down from his father and uncle.  His son Simone and his daughter Stafania also work in the business.

Gipar has many local artists in the company who hand paint and design each item.  Every 5-6 months brand new items are created so that the firm is continuously providing new and unique works of art.  Gipar uses the finest material such as 24 karat gold and 92.5 sterling silver as well as platinum painted on glass designs.

What is unique about Gipar is that each item has a limited production ensuring that customers do not buy “mass produced” items or that the works of art are not found in every major department store.  Gipar glassware is valuable because it is not mass produced; rather each piece is signed by the artist and limited in distribution.  Also, the clientele enjoys having unique works of art that is not seen in every home.

Gipar produces glasses, ashtrays, vases, bowls, frames, lamps, clocks, mirrors and other unique works of art.  There is nothing like it in the marketplace. Handmade in Florence, Italy.

Happy Graduation

Congratulations to all graduates!  There is so much excitement for all of those who have worked so hard and are now graduating.  My son is graduating from middle school and he is now interested in “looking his best” whereas in elementary school it didn’t matter.  We picked out a beautiful suit for him to wear.  I am giving him a trip to Vancouver and we are going together (this might not last forever)!  My nephew is graduating from college.  I gave him a new briefcase.  I hope that was the right thing to do.  I don’t want to push him in any certain direction but I know he will use it instead of a backpack. Now the little things that I offered him before such as a wallet and cell phone case are of interest to him because he wants to look classy.  My niece is graduating from high school and I gave her a new purse.  What if it’s not the designer she likes?  Well, it does have a gift receipt.

I wonder if kids who are venturing out for the first time are worried about the new world we live in where one does not define work as people did in a different era.  Perhaps they will work from home and use skype to communicate, design video games, or invent something new.  Jim Carrey recently gave an inspirational commencement speech to the Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa.  He said “You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.” I hope that the upcoming graduates will find something they love to do and fulfill their dreams.

This Mother’s Day, Show Mom Just How Much She Means to You

It’s time to show mom just how much you appreciate everything she does for you all year long and throughout your life. That’s why you’ve decided to scour the Internet, to see what others are advertising as the perfect gifts for mothers. Of course, you see the old standbys – get her flowers, get her chocolates, take her to dinner – but you want to do something special, something she’ll remember for years to come.

The best thing to do is to get mom something she would never buy for herself. When she’s clipping coupons to get the family a good deal on groceries, she can’t be thinking about luxury gifts for herself. That’s where you come in. Find something that mom will want to display proudly that is also personal.

Here are a few ideas:

  • A vintage picture frame with a family photo
  • An Italian leather journal
  • New wine glasses with her favorite bottle
  • A leather wallet or purse

These are just a few ideas, but it helps convey the direction you could go. It’s a luxury item she might never buy herself. It is something that can be displayed or used, not just some nicknack or disposable item. Now you just have to decide what should be on the list for someone with your mother’s specific tastes. Maybe your dad can help with that part.

A Day for Dad

A father is someone who carries pictures in his wallet where his money used to be.


Father’s Day originated in Spokane Washington in 1910, and was sponsored by Sonora Smart Dodd.  After hearing about Mother’s Day, she felt Fathers should have a similar holiday, and went about creating it.  It took awhile to catch on, but before long Fathers were honored every year in June, with crazy cards, bad ties, and other assorted gifts of appreciation.

Now while most people wish to honor their special dads, fathers are notoriously hard to buy for, but there’s one easy and affordable solution. When a pollster recently asked fathers to name their favorite Father’s Day gift, many gave this a simple answer.  “Hugs,” they said.  Now there’s a gift everyone can give.

According to John Roake, of South Jordan, Utah, “It’s quality time that’s precious to me.  Often my grown kids will get together and take me out to dinner and a movie.  We have a great time talking and catching up on their lives.  It’s fun, and that’s what really matters.”

In addition to spending the day with Dad, some people opt for homemade gifts such as coupons for service.  Examples are:

  • A promise to mow the lawn or wash the car.  Dad’s love a day off in the summer and what could be better than kicking back with ice cold lemonade or other beverage of choice, and watching the offspring do your work?
  • Since Dads always love food, you could make him a batch of cookies or his favorite blueberry pie.
  • How about a keepsake?  A video or sound recording with a special message to your Dad is something he can keep for years. He’ll always be able to remember that cute little monster who said , “I love you because of your smell.”
  • You could offer to walk the family dog or rake leaves, shine his shoes, or sweep the garage. The list goes on and on.  All you have to do is put your thinking cap on, and maybe a pair of work gloves to go with it.

Someday I will find my Prince, but my Dad will always be my King


Maybe you feel the King of the Castle deserves something you can’t make. Store bought presents are just as appreciated as long as the gift comes from the heart.  If your Dad’s the guy who has everything, take some tips from us.

  • Sports Equipment or shop tools.
  • Tickets to his favorite sporting event or a movie.
  • A car emergency kit.  These can focus on personal supplies such as food, water and a solar blanket, or lean more towards other emergency items like a foldable shovel, or flashers and jumper cables.
  • Gift certificates – for gas, car washes, theatre or a favorite restaurant.
  • Books – real and downloadable variety.
  • A wallet or money clip.
  • A deck of cards and set of poker chips.
  • Leather picture frame with a picture of you or the family for his desk at work.
  • A portable shoe shine kit for Dad’s who’s  have to travel a lot.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. No matter what type of gift you decide on, the best delivery system is with smile and a, “Love you Dad!” Oh, and one more thing.  Don’t forget the hug.

When my father didn’t have my hand, he had my back.

Linda Poindexter

Gifts like these and many more can be found at:

The Story of Carrs Silver, Sheffield England

In 1976 Ron Carr began his business making handmade silver jewelry.  His business grew rapidly and soon he was incorporated as Carrs of Sheffield Limited.  He continued to produce silver jewelry in Sheffield, England.Sheffield is Britain’s fifth largest city.  Sheffield is a regional center for leisure and culture with beautiful parks and trees.  Carrs is proud to contribute to jobs and manufacturing in the city of Sheffield.

In 1979, Carrs started its first collection of silver photograph frames and it was incredibly well received in Britain.  Silver frames became the company’s flagship products.  There was a huge demand for the Carrs silver frames in the UK and overseas and the company decided to concentrate almost entirely on making silver frames.

In 1992 Carrs completed a magnificent 80,000 square ft. modern manufacturing facility.  In 1994 Carrs launched a complete line of cutlery as well as other silver products such as children’s gifts, dresser sets, clocks as well as leather and silver accessories.  In 1995 Carrs opened its own section in London’s famous Harrod’s and Selfridge’s department stores.  In 2009 Carrs purchased the Osborn Group of companies in Sheffield, England.

Today, Carrs continues to expand its product line and is recognized as one of the most prestigious brands in silver.  All Carrs silver items are hallmarked with the Carrs of Sheffield mark ensuring authenticity.  The sterling silver items from Carrs have the 925 fineness mark guaranteeing the quality of the sterling silver.

The History of Seguso Viro

The Seguso family has been dedicated to the art of Murano glass since 1397.  Twenty three generations have been able to pass down knowledge, art and passion to continue the tradition of beautiful glassware.  Seguso Viro collections include tableware, gifts, jewelry, lighting, furniture and home décor.  Today the company is led by Gianluca and Pierpaolo Seguso.

Seguso Viro has been represented throughout history in theaters, museums such as the Grand Hotel & Milano, and the Excelsior Gallia in Milan, the Bauer Grunwald in Venice, the Hotel George V in Paris, the Palace Hotel in St. Moritz, the Excelsior Palace at Rapallo, the residence of the Crown Prince of Libya, and the Casino di Palazzo Vendramin Corner in Venice.  A gorgeous chandelier was created for Pope John XXIII.  Prestigious projects have been dedicated to royal families including the table serving set and décor in crystal and gold at the wedding of the Duke of Spoleto and Irene of Greece, which included 58 members of European royalty.

Seguso Vetri d’Arte, Seguso Viro and Seguso Interiors have produced glass for the finest residential and commercial interiors in collaboration with top designers in the world.  Seguso Viro has also worked with many international luxury brands to produce custom pieces.

Seguso Viro has acquired the Cenedese Murano operations of Gino Cenedese, Murano, Italy.  The company today includes Seguso Viro, Seguso Vetri d’Arte, Seguso Interiors, Cenedese Murano and Gino Cenedese.

The designs from the Seguso Viro line are unique and inspirational.  The beauty of the glassware is breathtaking.  Each object is truly a work of art.  Seguso Viro thrives on advancing and developing new techniques through the highest level of research, as a way of continuing their story and for the thrill of surpassing exciting new goals.

Spotlight on NasonMoretti

I had the pleasure of visiting the NasonMoretti factory on the island of Murano, Venice Italy a while ago.  What an amazing experience! NasonMoretti was founded in the 1920’s.  While there are many glassware companies in Murano, NasonMoretti has built its reputation on unique designs and quality craftsmanship.  Their brand name is known throughout the world and particularly in Europe.  Each piece is signed and numbered, ensuring authenticity.  The designs are unique to NasonMoretti and are not mass produced.  Pieces by NasonMoretti are on display ath the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Corning Glass Museum in New York, as well as the Kunstmuseum in Dusseldorf, Germany.

NasonMoretti (previously Nason & Moretti) constantly adds new styles to its numerous collections.  The company has been focusing its attention in recent years on the production of new “modern” collections.  Some of these include Canova, Rainbow, Aliseo, Idra and Dandy.  All of these designs have continued to increase in popularity for those who want a modern look as opposed to the traditional glassware that NasonMoretti has always offered.

Aside from glasses, NasonMoretti also makes a range of items for the home such as candlesticks, lamps, chandeliers, pitchers, and bowls.  All are equally beautiful.  NasonMoretti is found in the most prestigious stores around the world.

Christmas And The Perfect Christmas Gifts

Christmas is considered to be a yearly celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It is said to be a popularly celebrated holiday which is usually celebrated on December 25th.

If you are celebrating Christmas or going over to a friend’s place to celebrate the occasion, here are some excellent Christmas gift ideas.

Christmas gift basket: If you are thinking of giving Christmas gifts then the Christmas gift basket would be an excellent idea. In this basket, you can include fruitcake, gourmet foods, chocolates and spa gifts. It would be a nice idea if you could place your own cookies and goodies then put them in a basket and wrap a nice looking ribbon and wrapping paper around it to cover the basket attractively.

Christmas music CD’s: A Christmas party is incomplete without music. To make the occasion more memorable you can gift popular audio tracks or even the Christmas classics.

Christmas DVD: When you select a DVD with diligence, it becomes an excellent gift for the family. In this way the family members will be able to sit together to watch the movie and thank you profoundly in making for them this priceless moment.

Christmas movie tickets: You can also think of gifting movie tickets for the entire family as a surprise gift. These movie tickets can be put inside a greeting card. You can then write your own personal message for every member of the family on a Christmas writing paper which can later on be placed inside an envelope.

Costume jewelry gift for Christmas: Presenting your friends and colleagues, this type of Christmas gift works out to be the best. When you present Christmas ornaments as gifts, they act as a remembrance to this very special occasion.

Christmas puzzles: With regards to the idea of Christmas gifts, you can gift the Christmas puzzles for family with kids. In this way, you will be able to stay occupied in solving the puzzles while they wait for the arrival of Santa.

Photo album: The photo albums as Christmas gifts will enable the recipients to make their own exclusive moments memorable with the photo album. You can also decorate it with your own artwork.

Christmas candles: In spite of the market being flooded with new gift items, traditional gift ideas such as that of the Christmas candle is still considered to be a very popular idea. Nowadays, you will be able to get a wide range such as the floating, scented, jar, or even for that matter the taper candles.

So these are some of the facts About Christmas and Christmas gifts.


Some Of The Best And Unique Hanukkah Gift Items

A festival which is also celebrated as a holiday is the Hanukkah festival. However, in this festival gift-shopping can be quite tedious as the holiday lasts for 8 days. In order to make things a bit easier for you, it would be appropriate to consider the significance of the holiday as well as many unique Hanukkah gifts to buy. In this you will be able to choose the gifts that are appropriate and also respectful.

Hanukkah is regarded as a Jewish Festival of Lights. This festival is celebrated to remember the rededication of the second Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.

In the Hanukkah festival the gifts which will be well received are that of candles and incense during this festive occasion. In this festival, the candles can be used for the lightning and the incense can be used for providing a welcoming aroma in the home. If you are of the creative mind, it would be possible for you to get your recipient colored candles for each day of the holiday. In this way you will be able to add little variety in the days.

In the Hanukkah season, home decor is another gift which will be well appreciated during. These decorations can consist of pictures of religious personalities from the Torrah which would be a delightful picture item to hang up in a home. Additionally, you could also gift coffee table centerpieces and also the throw pillows which would be able to commemorate the holiday.

Those of you who don’t have enough money or are budget conscious then you can think of making some yourself. By presenting your friends and relatives with the perfectly made homemade gift ideas are excellent personal and memorable gifts you could give anyone during the holidays. By distributing homemade gifts, you will be able to put to exercise your creativity, and would be something your recipient would cherish for a while.

Another awesome and unique Hanukkah gifts gift which you could consider making are the gift baskets. The gift baskets are very easy to put together and exciting to receive especially if you have put inside a lot of treats. You must however remember to put together only those gift items in the basket which are aligned with the Jewish faith. These can include home baked goods, crackers, and toys for kids. Just don’t forget to tie the ribbon around it!

When you go about executing these innovative suggestions to create a beautiful Hanukkah gift basket for your loved ones, this season; it gives a wonderful feeling!

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