For the Dad Who has Everything.

I find my father to be one of the most difficult people to shop for and I consider myself a very good little gift giver. My dad, like many other fathers, has interests that are pretty foreign to a woman. My dad likes cars, horse racing and sports. While the ole sports shirt and car book/tools gifts work out they are getting a wee bit old. I hate doing the “same ole” thing every single year for my dad so this year i’m intent on finding a great one of a kind gift! Here are some tips on how to narrow down the feild and find the right gift.

1. Listen to your father talk. Every so often they mention something of interest.

2. Consider your father’s favorite things. Is he a snazzy dresser? Does he love the outdoors? My dad for example is a “young” 52. He likes cool sneakers so I will likely follow that trail this year.

3. Don’t go generic, please I beg of you. Dad does not want a new tie or a pair of cuff links or the like. I guarantee you that!

4. Feed the man! My dad is a breakfast nut, so a breakfast out always seems to make him happy.

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