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Pigeon-holed by a Holiday!

My mother’s best friend is a Fourth of July baby and one of my friends is a Halloween baby. It has come to my attention that apparently people seem to think those born on holidays automatically LOVE themed gifts and the holiday itself. My Halloween friend absolutely hates Halloween with the fiery passion of 1000 […]

The Gift of Gab…

I had my hair cut and colored about a week ago and while I was sitting in the chair I was listening to a conversation that was going on next to me. I have a tendency to do that, I’m just a little bit too nosy for my own good. Anyway the lady next to […]

Stop The Insanity- The Worst Gifts Part 2

A few days ago I wrote about some of the worst gifts. I promised a part two and here it is in all it’s horrid, terrible glory!

What Store Was That Again

My best friend called me today and had something like this to say “Remember when you saw that bag you liked, in that store..what store was it?” A. The odds that I remember what store are slim to none. I am in at least 12 different stores, 3-5 times a week B. I hate when […]

Micheal Jackson Dies at home…Memorabilia Skyrockets.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog to bring you the news of MJ’s death. Everyone who doesn’t live in a cave in some far off Island already knows that Michael Jackson went into cardiac arrest at a rented home in L.A, possible following a Demerol shot. What is now emerging is the fact that Michael […]

The Big Event…

I live in New York and because of this there is always something going on. The theater, sports, comedy shows, special benefits, concerts and odd forms of entertainment are a constant in the city that never sleeps; so are the tickets. The boy called me this evening to let me know he might be able […]

Tristan Da Cunha and Coins…

Tristan Da Cunha is one of the most isolated places on earth. The island, located in the South Atlantic Ocean, is thousands of miles from the nearest land mass and it houses only 271 inhabitants. Of those 271 inhabitants there are only 7 surnnames on the island and all of the residents are farmers. It […]

Home Sweet Home

I passed by my childhood home last week. I lived there until I was 20 years old and my parents finally settled a divorce that dragged on longer than most construction projects or inquests. After that I moved about 6 blocks away and finally onto the home I’m in now. Don’t get my wrong I […]

What a beautiful Child…

My friend’s daughter is going to be six years old in just a couple of months. It is amazing when I think back to when I would bounce her around on my knee and she would fall asleep on my shoulder. It seems like yesterday, but now she knows how to read, is tying her […]


At the beginning of the week I got my hair colored. I tend to go through colors rather easily. I’ll bounce between my natural dark brown, to blonde, to red and back again. What I have a hard time with is hair cuts. I hate the actual cutting stage of the entire shabang. I’m a […]

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