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No Beuno

My friends and I are heading down to the shore for the weekend and while I adore them to pieces we’ve run into a bit of a snag. Friend 1 and her boyfriend are going to be in attendance. It is there anniversary and friend 1 randomly mentioned to me that “boyfriend” just loves chocolate […]


So I stumbled upon a lovely jewelery store the other day and picked myself up a silver cross. It is something i’ve been looking for for awhile and this one fit the bill perfectly. It was petite and very delicate. I didn’t want anything over powering. It had small gemstones in it and it had […]

Me and the (Former) Mister

Me and the (former) mister had been dating for what would be 5 years on Sunday. We had a wonderful relationship, but he has since decided he needs to go find himself and me in tow wasn’t really working out for him. He left, and that is fine. With the death of his father recently […]

Shop at Walmart? Watch this vi…

Shop at Walmart? Watch this video!

I am looking for article spinn…

I am looking for article spinning work. 🙂

Does anyone use Moneybookers? …

Does anyone use Moneybookers? One of my clients only pays through Moneybookers and I was wondering if anyone used them and let me know.

Don’t forget – a well written …

Don’t forget – a well written article is one of the best marketing tool that you can use.

@designerdepot Hi. I sent you …

@designerdepot Hi. I sent you an application to write for your blog. I hope that you will let me. 🙂



#Happy Birthday Rupert!

#Happy Birthday Rupert!

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