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The Baby!!!

My cousin is pregnant and it’s honestly a pretty big miracle as she has some serious reproductive organ drama. This was a complete surprise and the odds of it happening again is like lightening striking twice, so she’s obviously thrilled beyond belief as am I for her. Knowing that this baby is pretty much a […]

The subtle nuiances of failure.

As i’ve mentioned before the boy and I called it quits last month. From the best of my knowledge I’m not sure what we are really calling it as we still hang out an do what we normally do. Hmm, many a mojito has been downed in an attempt to figure out just what that […]

New Ideas

So i’ve been scouring the outlets as of late with some of my female friends and I found a few things out, apparently retail therapy is the greatest thing in the world and my new peacoat almost makes up for the miserable failure of a relationship I am trying to get over. Ladies, my fine, […]

Asian themes!

my best friend had an asian themed birthday and since I like to get festive just like the next guy i decided to go with a themed gift. I thought i’d share some theme-gift ideas with all of you. Asia- Nice chopsticks and a fan Beach Bash- Flip flops, sunscreen and a sarong Halloween- Chocolate […]

Are you looking for someone to…

Are you looking for someone to update your product descriptions? I provide great descriptions at a reasonable rate. Tweet to find out more.

The First Date…

So a friend of mine thought it would be good for me to go on a date the other night with a friend of her’s that she had talked about for ages. I agreed, although hesitantly, to give it a shot. When he came to the door he had a single red rose. I thought […]

Labor of Love…

I went away for the Labor day weekend and while I had a fabulous time I was nursing a bit of a broken heart so when I saw a bracelet that the former boy would have loved i decided to pick it up for him. Tell me what have you done lately that has surprised […]

The Big Time

I looked at my keychain yesterday and i noticed that my “Love” keychain was starting to fade. I ran online an ordered a new one. It is the keychain that was featured in Sex and the City, the movie, and it was given to me as a gift. It was one of the coolest gifts […]

I’m working on a fanfic and wa…

I’m working on a fanfic and watching Open Water.

Does anyone have a good lunch …

Does anyone have a good lunch suggestion for my husband to take on the road when he doesn’t like sandwiches? No microwave avail.

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