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The perfect gift for a great dad

The perfect gift for a great dad can be really difficult to figure out. I never had an easy time getting gifts for my dad, but I really do try and shy away from the entire “cliché” gifts. No toolsets, no ties, no briefcases. That stuff might be pretty typical “dad” gift but it just […]

The perfect gift for mom

The perfect gift for mom always consists of something a wee bit sentimental and a bit impractical. I never get my mom practical gifts, it just doesn’t work like that with her. So if your mom is like my mom you should focus on getting something that is a bit over the top and intense. […]

The greatest moment

The greatest moment for me is when summer turns to fall. The first day you get up and you can feel the cold in your throat. I love that feeling. It’s incredible and it makes me think about the holidays. The holidays are pretty awesome, they are my favorite and I honestly love buying gifts. […]