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The process of elimination

The process of elimination is a funny concept when it comes to gift giving, but it is something you need to do. The process of elimination refers to taking two or three different items and deciding what would be best for your friend based solely on their likes. “Oh the pink shirt is cute, but […]

My favorite holiday…

My favorite holiday is Christmas, I’ve said that a million times, but it really is. I like to get gifts for my friends and the best gifts I’ve ever found I’ve honestly found on the internet. I don’t like the entire hustle of Christmas shopping so I tend to do it in my jammies at […]

Guru, Oh Guru…

Guru, My dad is an older guy and he doesn’t really seem to have a ton of hobbies or interests. I don’t know him very well to be honest, obviously and I need a great holiday gift idea for him. What can I do? Confused,  The best thing you can do for a father that […]