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Considerations When Giving Out Homemade Gifts

These are three things to think about when giving out homemade gifts.

Choosing a Gift for the Boss the Right Way

Some advice for choosing a gift for your boss.

3 Suggestions for Successful Regifting

Three things to remember if you are thinking about regifting.

Top 4 Worst Gifts for Dads

Bad dad gifts to steer clear from.

Get Your Dad What He Wants for Father’s Day – Here’s How

Father’s Day is almost here.  What are you buying your dad for Father’s Day? Are you going out and buying him a tie? That seems to be the old fallback for a Father’s Day gift, just like flowers are for Mother’s Day. But what if your dad isn’t the sort who likes to wear ties? […]

Hats off to Fathers

How is it that fathers got such a bum rap when it comes to holidays? With mothers, they often get flowers and candy for Mother’s Day, not to mention the other gifts which they are laden with in the month of May. What do fathers get in thanks for being the other half of the […]