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Tips for Having an End of Harry Potter Party

With so many Harry Potter fans facing the end of their favorite movies in July, many of them are planning end of Harry Potter parties. So what exactly do you do for an End of Harry Potter party? Here are some tips that you can use to make your party as unforgettable as the experience […]

Tips for Making an Inexpensive Hogwarts Costume

The end of Harry Potter is just around the corner and a lot of people will be attending the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in costume. But in this day and age, not many people have the money for a fancy true Hogwarts robe and costume. So here are […]

Four Must Haves for a Kid’s Birthday Party

Do you have a little kid’s party coming up? If this is your first time hosting one, there are some things that you should remember in order to help the things go as smooth as possible. Have a Timeline – First thing that you need is a starting and stopping time, especially if there are […]

Suffer from Special Occasion Amnesia? There’s Help Here!

You have done it again. You forgot your wife’s birthday or your anniversary. You are in trouble. You may be sleeping on the sofa. But this doesn’t have to happen with all of the different ways that you can remember the important dates in your life. So, here’s what you do. As soon as the […]

Emergency Help for Shopping Impaired Men

Why is it that so many men have trouble with buying the right gifts for their girlfriends and wives? Maybe its because they didn’t have a good example, because their father was hopeless at choosing the right gifts. Maybe they don’t listen. Maybe its because they are as clueless about shopping as a lot of […]

The New Norm – Going into Hock for Your Kid’s Birthday Party

When you think of kids’ birthday parties, what do you think of? Maybe a swim party in the summer, ice skating party for the winter? Maybe bowling or roller skating? Not anymore, according to a new show on TLC appropriately named “Outrageous Kids Parties”. I don’t know about you, but when I was a child, […]

6 Degrees of Clarity in Engagement Ring Diamonds

When you are lookng for an engagement ring for your loved one, you are going to find that there are different degrees of clarity when it comes to the diamond. These are good for you to know so that you can get the best ring possible for your special person. Here are the degrees of […]