The History of Seguso Viro

The Seguso family has been dedicated to the art of Murano glass since 1397.  Twenty three generations have been able to pass down knowledge, art and passion to continue the tradition of beautiful glassware.  Seguso Viro collections include tableware, gifts, jewelry, lighting, furniture and home décor.  Today the company is led by Gianluca and Pierpaolo Seguso.

Seguso Viro has been represented throughout history in theaters, museums such as the Grand Hotel & Milano, and the Excelsior Gallia in Milan, the Bauer Grunwald in Venice, the Hotel George V in Paris, the Palace Hotel in St. Moritz, the Excelsior Palace at Rapallo, the residence of the Crown Prince of Libya, and the Casino di Palazzo Vendramin Corner in Venice.  A gorgeous chandelier was created for Pope John XXIII.  Prestigious projects have been dedicated to royal families including the table serving set and décor in crystal and gold at the wedding of the Duke of Spoleto and Irene of Greece, which included 58 members of European royalty.

Seguso Vetri d’Arte, Seguso Viro and Seguso Interiors have produced glass for the finest residential and commercial interiors in collaboration with top designers in the world.  Seguso Viro has also worked with many international luxury brands to produce custom pieces.

Seguso Viro has acquired the Cenedese Murano operations of Gino Cenedese, Murano, Italy.  The company today includes Seguso Viro, Seguso Vetri d’Arte, Seguso Interiors, Cenedese Murano and Gino Cenedese.

The designs from the Seguso Viro line are unique and inspirational.  The beauty of the glassware is breathtaking.  Each object is truly a work of art.  Seguso Viro thrives on advancing and developing new techniques through the highest level of research, as a way of continuing their story and for the thrill of surpassing exciting new goals.

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