The Story of Carrs Silver, Sheffield England

In 1976 Ron Carr began his business making handmade silver jewelry.  His business grew rapidly and soon he was incorporated as Carrs of Sheffield Limited.  He continued to produce silver jewelry in Sheffield, England.Sheffield is Britain’s fifth largest city.  Sheffield is a regional center for leisure and culture with beautiful parks and trees.  Carrs is proud to contribute to jobs and manufacturing in the city of Sheffield.

In 1979, Carrs started its first collection of silver photograph frames and it was incredibly well received in Britain.  Silver frames became the company’s flagship products.  There was a huge demand for the Carrs silver frames in the UK and overseas and the company decided to concentrate almost entirely on making silver frames.

In 1992 Carrs completed a magnificent 80,000 square ft. modern manufacturing facility.  In 1994 Carrs launched a complete line of cutlery as well as other silver products such as children’s gifts, dresser sets, clocks as well as leather and silver accessories.  In 1995 Carrs opened its own section in London’s famous Harrod’s and Selfridge’s department stores.  In 2009 Carrs purchased the Osborn Group of companies in Sheffield, England.

Today, Carrs continues to expand its product line and is recognized as one of the most prestigious brands in silver.  All Carrs silver items are hallmarked with the Carrs of Sheffield mark ensuring authenticity.  The sterling silver items from Carrs have the 925 fineness mark guaranteeing the quality of the sterling silver.

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