A Day for Dad

A father is someone who carries pictures in his wallet where his money used to be.


Father’s Day originated in Spokane Washington in 1910, and was sponsored by Sonora Smart Dodd.  After hearing about Mother’s Day, she felt Fathers should have a similar holiday, and went about creating it.  It took awhile to catch on, but before long Fathers were honored every year in June, with crazy cards, bad ties, and other assorted gifts of appreciation.

Now while most people wish to honor their special dads, fathers are notoriously hard to buy for, but there’s one easy and affordable solution. When a pollster recently asked fathers to name their favorite Father’s Day gift, many gave this a simple answer.  “Hugs,” they said.  Now there’s a gift everyone can give.

According to John Roake, of South Jordan, Utah, “It’s quality time that’s precious to me.  Often my grown kids will get together and take me out to dinner and a movie.  We have a great time talking and catching up on their lives.  It’s fun, and that’s what really matters.”

In addition to spending the day with Dad, some people opt for homemade gifts such as coupons for service.  Examples are:

  • A promise to mow the lawn or wash the car.  Dad’s love a day off in the summer and what could be better than kicking back with ice cold lemonade or other beverage of choice, and watching the offspring do your work?
  • Since Dads always love food, you could make him a batch of cookies or his favorite blueberry pie.
  • How about a keepsake?  A video or sound recording with a special message to your Dad is something he can keep for years. He’ll always be able to remember that cute little monster who said , “I love you because of your smell.”
  • You could offer to walk the family dog or rake leaves, shine his shoes, or sweep the garage. The list goes on and on.  All you have to do is put your thinking cap on, and maybe a pair of work gloves to go with it.

Someday I will find my Prince, but my Dad will always be my King


Maybe you feel the King of the Castle deserves something you can’t make. Store bought presents are just as appreciated as long as the gift comes from the heart.  If your Dad’s the guy who has everything, take some tips from us.

  • Sports Equipment or shop tools.
  • Tickets to his favorite sporting event or a movie.
  • A car emergency kit.  These can focus on personal supplies such as food, water and a solar blanket, or lean more towards other emergency items like a foldable shovel, or flashers and jumper cables.
  • Gift certificates – for gas, car washes, theatre or a favorite restaurant.
  • Books – real and downloadable variety.
  • A wallet or money clip.
  • A deck of cards and set of poker chips.
  • Leather picture frame with a picture of you or the family for his desk at work.
  • A portable shoe shine kit for Dad’s who’s  have to travel a lot.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. No matter what type of gift you decide on, the best delivery system is with smile and a, “Love you Dad!” Oh, and one more thing.  Don’t forget the hug.

When my father didn’t have my hand, he had my back.

Linda Poindexter

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