Gipar Hand painted glassware – made in Italy since 1946

It is hard to believe that such a company exists with such beautiful, artistic glassware all handmade in Florence, Italy.  Gipar is a family run business handed down from father to son.  Today Giampiero runs the company handed down from his father and uncle.  His son Simone and his daughter Stafania also work in the business.

Gipar has many local artists in the company who hand paint and design each item.  Every 5-6 months brand new items are created so that the firm is continuously providing new and unique works of art.  Gipar uses the finest material such as 24 karat gold and 92.5 sterling silver as well as platinum painted on glass designs.

What is unique about Gipar is that each item has a limited production ensuring that customers do not buy “mass produced” items or that the works of art are not found in every major department store.  Gipar glassware is valuable because it is not mass produced; rather each piece is signed by the artist and limited in distribution.  Also, the clientele enjoys having unique works of art that is not seen in every home.

Gipar produces glasses, ashtrays, vases, bowls, frames, lamps, clocks, mirrors and other unique works of art.  There is nothing like it in the marketplace. Handmade in Florence, Italy.

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