All About i santi

Amato Santi opened the doors of his first shop in the picturesque town of Porta Venezia, Milano, Italy.  i santi was established in 1947.  It was in those days long ago that the company began and its rare passion and craftsmanship has lived on ever since.  The passion and skill with which Amato Santi handled the leather are still a value and a legacy for the whole italian manufacturing field.

Customers of i santi demand a product that enshrines elegance, exclusivity and undisputed quality.  i santi still handcrafts each piece in Italy and the detail is evident in all of its leather products.  From handbags, briefcases, belts and shoes, all of i santi leather goods are the finest quality.

While many well known designers have stopped making their bags and clothing in Italy, i santi still hand produces each piece in Italy.  That is evident in the quality and the choice of materials all produced in Italy.

We first came upon i santi while traveling in Milan, Italy.  Our buyers remember the i santi store stacked with incredibly beautiful pieces so unique and well made.  We decided then that we had to carry i santi products and have been very pleased to offer the i santi leather line in our store.

i santi is a well kept secret for those who love beautiful leather goods but don’t want mass produced, ubiquitous name brands.

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