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Gipar Hand painted glassware – made in Italy since 1946

It is hard to believe that such a company exists with such beautiful, artistic glassware all handmade in Florence, Italy.  Gipar is a family run business handed down from father to son.  Today Giampiero runs the company handed down from his father and uncle.  His son Simone and his daughter Stafania also work in the […]

Designers and Brand Names

It seems like people love brand names and well known designers.  If two dresses or two bags are of the same quality but one has a brand name, the bag with the well known designer name will sell.  Maybe it’s because Joan Rivers started asking people “Who are you wearing?” on the red carpet.  Everyone […]

Buying Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is an excellent investment.  If you like picture frames, vases or other items for your home, sterling silver is not only a good investment but beautiful as well.  You may have purchased a sterling silver object for your home a few years ago.  Now if you look for the same item, you can […]

The First Date…

So a friend of mine thought it would be good for me to go on a date the other night with a friend of her’s that she had talked about for ages. I agreed, although hesitantly, to give it a shot. When he came to the door he had a single red rose. I thought […]

My Aching Back!

Sometimes we should not listen to what our loved ones say. My married, male friend came to me two weeks ago to discuss a bit of a tiff he and his wife had gotten in to. While she is a lovely woman who I really like, she also can be a bit, ummm…. CRAZY! Apparently […]

The Expensive Gifts

I was cornered the other day by one of my good friends and questioned about the validity of super-expensive gift-giving. He wanted to know if a gift is made better by a bigger price tag. Is a laptop a better gift than a nice hat? Is an expensive purse better than a nice perfume? The […]

Perfume.. Eau de Toilette.. Cologne.. Body Spray

Perfume is a passion of mine. I love the stuff, but Perfume is an incredibly personal thing. What smells amazing in the bottle might be horrible on the skin and what smells good on one person might not’ smell great on another. While I love perfume it’s not the greatest idea for a gift, unless […]

The Champagne Glass..

I went to an anniversary party a couple of weekends back. It was a first anniversary party so we were celebrating the fact that two human beings who were completely different managed to not claw each others eyes out for an entire year (yes I am, in fact, a hopeless romantic). Well when it all […]

A Public Plea

As a 25 year old woman I have hordes of female friends all in the 22-27 age bracket. Many of them are dating people long term and a few are married so the gift-giving topic comes up fairly often. Over the years I have found that while men are victims of picking the wrong gift […]

Give yourself a gift! You’ve earned it!

I personally am a bit self-serving. I believe with all my heart that people should give themselves a gift once every couple of months. I’m not talking about the stuff you need like clothes and shoes. I am talking about something you truly want but don’t necessarily need. If I’m in a particularly festive mood […]

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