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Buying Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is an excellent investment.  If you like picture frames, vases or other items for your home, sterling silver is not only a good investment but beautiful as well.  You may have purchased a sterling silver object for your home a few years ago.  Now if you look for the same item, you can […]

Oh, Baby! Three Perfect Gifts for Any New Parents

A new baby is a joyous time in a family’s life, and many times it’s celebrated with giving the new baby a gift.  So if there is a new baby that will be entering your family soon, or you have a friend who is about to have a baby, then chances are that you want […]

Baby Fever!

The other day was my cousin’s birthday. She was born just two weeks after me and we were the best of friends until about 15 when her family moved about 3 hours upstate. She also recently found out she is pregnant. This has turned me into a baby-loving lunatic. I don’t want one for myself […]

The Baptismal Debate..

My very best friend had a Baptism to attend this weekend. She wore herself out thinking about a goof gift to give the new baby because she, like many others, was not comfortable with an overtly religious gift, but knew that a toy or something was probably inappropriate. So what do you get a child […]

The Expensive Gifts

I was cornered the other day by one of my good friends and questioned about the validity of super-expensive gift-giving. He wanted to know if a gift is made better by a bigger price tag. Is a laptop a better gift than a nice hat? Is an expensive purse better than a nice perfume? The […]

Badly named Babies.

There is nothing that pains me more than to see a poorly named baby. It is just a horrible thing to do. The name is the first identity that a child has and it carries through their entire life. A sea of Codys, Coopers, Avas and Sophias don’t bother me it’s the odd, strange and […]

The Very First Birthday

Not long ago I listened to my friend wax optimistic about her son’s first birthday party. She had placed on the card not to bring gifts and she is someone who truly meant it. She was sure that people would abide by these rules. Her believe was that her little man had more than enough […]