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The Baby!!!

My cousin is pregnant and it’s honestly a pretty big miracle as she has some serious reproductive organ drama. This was a complete surprise and the odds of it happening again is like lightening striking twice, so she’s obviously thrilled beyond belief as am I for her. Knowing that this baby is pretty much a […]

Baby Fever!

The other day was my cousin’s birthday. She was born just two weeks after me and we were the best of friends until about 15 when her family moved about 3 hours upstate. She also recently found out she is pregnant. This has turned me into a baby-loving lunatic. I don’t want one for myself […]

Attack of the 50-foot Diaper Cake

A few months ago I wrote an article about how to make a diaper cake. I’m not particularly proud of having written something of that nature, but the bills have to get paid. For all of you lucky enough to not be in the know a diaper cake is exactly what it sounds like. It […]