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What is the worst gift you’ve ever given?

Guru, What is the worst gift you’ve ever given: Why did you give it? Well aren’t’ we noisy, loll. When I read this question I debated about answering it, but one year I didn’t have a ton of money so I went with a really cliché picture frame gift and some cookies. It was corny […]

Liquor, Liquor Everywhere but not a drop to drink….

I went to a party recently where a good 25% of the guests brought the host and hostess liquor. Whether it was wine, vodka or rum it was there. The couple graciously accepted but because I know them fairly well I know they were wondering what in the world a “non-lush” would do with all […]

My Aching Back!

Sometimes we should not listen to what our loved ones say. My married, male friend came to me two weeks ago to discuss a bit of a tiff he and his wife had gotten in to. While she is a lovely woman who I really like, she also can be a bit, ummm…. CRAZY! Apparently […]

My New Best Friend….

My new best friend is my netbook. It is pretty and shiny and fabulous, so when I headed out to best buy to return some gifts I didn’t really care for i decided to go with a little something to help my netbook feel more at home. Nothing massive. A bluetooth mouse and a nice […]

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!

The wonder of television has brought us many great things, however, few people seem to understand how to separate the inner-workings of a sitcom from the reality of a situation. A friend of mine has a boyfriend who has a special occasion coming up soon and she called me to tell me she thought of […]

The Expensive Gifts

I was cornered the other day by one of my good friends and questioned about the validity of super-expensive gift-giving. He wanted to know if a gift is made better by a bigger price tag. Is a laptop a better gift than a nice hat? Is an expensive purse better than a nice perfume? The […]

Short Legs, Bigs butts, and other clothing issues.

I think I’ve said I don’t like giving or getting clothing as gifts because you never really know what is going to work for someone. My friend called me the other day to lament about how her mother had asked for her “sizes” while she was shopping. Her mom is an awesome lady with great […]

Pigeon-holed by a Holiday!

My mother’s best friend is a Fourth of July baby and one of my friends is a Halloween baby. It has come to my attention that apparently people seem to think those born on holidays automatically LOVE themed gifts and the holiday itself. My Halloween friend absolutely hates Halloween with the fiery passion of 1000 […]

Stop The Insanity- The Worst Gifts Part 2

A few days ago I wrote about some of the worst gifts. I promised a part two and here it is in all it’s horrid, terrible glory!

The Worst Gifts Ever

Over the last week or so I’ve done some research amongst my friends to find out what the worst presents they ever received were. Here is part one of that list. I must warn you, the list is horrifying.

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