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Choosing a Mother’s Day Gift Can be a ‘Picnic’

When shopping for a Mother’s Day gift, a lot of people go for the same things – flowers, candy, jewelry, perfume, but these things don’t require any thought. Many people buy them because they are convenient.  But the people who really surprise their mothers with something different are the ones who are going to see […]

My New Obsession

My sort-of, boyfriend has found a new love in sunglasses. When we were together he never understood my addiction to the fine little accessories or why I would spend a great deal of money on them, but suddenly, since we split for awhile, he seems to have found the fashion bug. He called me a […]

The impending birthday…

There are certain birthdays that just feel big. 18 is a big one because your an adult, 21 is huge because you can legally drink, but after that people don’t remember the significance and the significance is no longer good. I will be 25 years old tomorrow and the idea of being half way to […]

Cameras, accessories, oh my!

My friend loves taking pictures. She just got this great camera that she is mildly obsessed with and her birthday is coming up really quickly. I decided that accessories for said camera would be a great gift, and I know it is, so I decided to through the idea out there. Normally people shy away […]

My Very Organized Life

Me and my planner are best friends. I take it with me everywhere I go. The moment I bought it my life changed forever. I know, it sounds sad, sick and a bit anal retentive, but it is true. Before I bought a nice planner I was all over the place. I missed meetings and […]

The Expensive Gifts

I was cornered the other day by one of my good friends and questioned about the validity of super-expensive gift-giving. He wanted to know if a gift is made better by a bigger price tag. Is a laptop a better gift than a nice hat? Is an expensive purse better than a nice perfume? The […]

Pigeon-holed by a Holiday!

My mother’s best friend is a Fourth of July baby and one of my friends is a Halloween baby. It has come to my attention that apparently people seem to think those born on holidays automatically LOVE themed gifts and the holiday itself. My Halloween friend absolutely hates Halloween with the fiery passion of 1000 […]

What Store Was That Again

My best friend called me today and had something like this to say “Remember when you saw that bag you liked, in that store..what store was it?” A. The odds that I remember what store are slim to none. I am in at least 12 different stores, 3-5 times a week B. I hate when […]


At the beginning of the week I got my hair colored. I tend to go through colors rather easily. I’ll bounce between my natural dark brown, to blonde, to red and back again. What I have a hard time with is hair cuts. I hate the actual cutting stage of the entire shabang. I’m a […]

It’s love packaged in a Cell phone…

I like getting electronic gifts. I’m kind of utilitarian in my presents so I like something that I can use over and over again. Most of the gifts the hopefully-soon-to-be Mister gets for me are electronically based, accept when it is a great piece of jewelry (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). So when I set out […]

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