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My New Obsession

My sort-of, boyfriend has found a new love in sunglasses. When we were together he never understood my addiction to the fine little accessories or why I would spend a great deal of money on them, but suddenly, since we split for awhile, he seems to have found the fashion bug. He called me a […]

Cameras, accessories, oh my!

My friend loves taking pictures. She just got this great camera that she is mildly obsessed with and her birthday is coming up really quickly. I decided that accessories for said camera would be a great gift, and I know it is, so I decided to through the idea out there. Normally people shy away […]

Pigeon-holed by a Holiday!

My mother’s best friend is a Fourth of July baby and one of my friends is a Halloween baby. It has come to my attention that apparently people seem to think those born on holidays automatically LOVE themed gifts and the holiday itself. My Halloween friend absolutely hates Halloween with the fiery passion of 1000 […]

It’s love packaged in a Cell phone…

I like getting electronic gifts. I’m kind of utilitarian in my presents so I like something that I can use over and over again. Most of the gifts the hopefully-soon-to-be Mister gets for me are electronically based, accept when it is a great piece of jewelry (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). So when I set out […]

Movie-Themed Gifts

I’ve mentioned my disdain for movie gifts on more than one occasion, but I have no problem what so ever with movie or television-themed gifts. Theme is the name of the game here. I don’t mind getting gifts that are centered around one of my favorite shows or movies. I say that as I look […]

Cell Phone Junkie lives!

I am a strange hybrid of woman. I love frilly goodness and wonderful perfume but I also adore gadgets. Oh my, I’m a technology geek to the max. I got my new cell phone a couple of days ago and I am desperately in love with it. It was a freebie for switching to a […]

Summer Birthdays

I am blessed and cursed with a summer birthday. Summer birthdays work to your advantage because they don’t fall around a time where people are out there buying tons of other gifts for holiday seasons, but at the same time the summer birthday seems to pigeon hole some people into buying seasonally themed presents. God, […]

A Public Plea

As a 25 year old woman I have hordes of female friends all in the 22-27 age bracket. Many of them are dating people long term and a few are married so the gift-giving topic comes up fairly often. Over the years I have found that while men are victims of picking the wrong gift […]