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The Story of Carrs Silver, Sheffield England

In 1976 Ron Carr began his business making handmade silver jewelry.  His business grew rapidly and soon he was incorporated as Carrs of Sheffield Limited.  He continued to produce silver jewelry in Sheffield, England.Sheffield is Britain’s fifth largest city.  Sheffield is a regional center for leisure and culture with beautiful parks and trees.  Carrs is […]

Buying Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is an excellent investment.  If you like picture frames, vases or other items for your home, sterling silver is not only a good investment but beautiful as well.  You may have purchased a sterling silver object for your home a few years ago.  Now if you look for the same item, you can […]

Suggestions on Giving Wine Gifts

A list of situations where wine may not be the perfect gift.

Considerations When Giving Out Homemade Gifts

These are three things to think about when giving out homemade gifts.

Choosing a Gift for the Boss the Right Way

Some advice for choosing a gift for your boss.

Tips for Successful Gift Giving

Need some tips on giving a gift? This article gives you what you need.

Mistakes to Avoid in Gift Giving

Gift giving is done every day of the year, but many times people make mistakes when they give someone a gift.  Here are some of the common mistakes that people make when giving someone a gift and how you can avoid making them yourself. Religious Gift Giving – One of the biggest mistakes that people […]

Guide to Gifts for Mom

When you are looking for a gift for your mother, whether it’s for Mother’s Day or it’s for her birthday, you want to put a lot of thought into her gift. The last thing that you want to do is to rush out at the last minute to buy her a bouquet of flowers or […]

Choosing a Mother’s Day Gift Can be a ‘Picnic’

When shopping for a Mother’s Day gift, a lot of people go for the same things – flowers, candy, jewelry, perfume, but these things don’t require any thought. Many people buy them because they are convenient.  But the people who really surprise their mothers with something different are the ones who are going to see […]

What is the worst gift you’ve ever given?

Guru, What is the worst gift you’ve ever given: Why did you give it? Well aren’t’ we noisy, loll. When I read this question I debated about answering it, but one year I didn’t have a ton of money so I went with a really cliché picture frame gift and some cookies. It was corny […]

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