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Back to School!

So the youngins’ are getting ready to head back to school in just a few short weeks! Man, that flew by, but that might be because I am a childless person. In any event I remember going back to school being a big deal and my mom always got us something special that we really […]

Superstar Graduates

I met a young kid in Manhattan just the other day. I met him only because he had the best looking laptop cases I’ve ever seen in my life. It was a messenger bag, but it held tightly to the chest to create a backpack appearance and it was a beautiful brown leather. He was […]

Everyone has their own quirks.

I hung up the phone last night with my love interest after a heated debate over how sneakers and shoes should be organized. We tend to fight and argue about such things because we are both “strong” personalities and apparently organization really gets our blood pumping (clearly we are both giant geeks and that’s why […]

Graduates and the Perfect Gift

As may winds closer to the end of the month I’ve been receiving announcements on graduations. Some are graduating from college, others from graduate school while others from high school. With all these graduations coming up I’ve been thinking about quick gifts for all of these people.Each phase of life conjures up a different sentiment […]