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The New Norm – Going into Hock for Your Kid’s Birthday Party

When you think of kids’ birthday parties, what do you think of? Maybe a swim party in the summer, ice skating party for the winter? Maybe bowling or roller skating? Not anymore, according to a new show on TLC appropriately named “Outrageous Kids Parties”. I don’t know about you, but when I was a child, […]

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!

The wonder of television has brought us many great things, however, few people seem to understand how to separate the inner-workings of a sitcom from the reality of a situation. A friend of mine has a boyfriend who has a special occasion coming up soon and she called me to tell me she thought of […]

The Fourth of July- A Public Service Announcement

We went down to see the Macy Fireworks this 4th. I loved the fact that it was over the Hudson River this year. I just adore the West Side more than anything in this world. Anyway as the man friend and I were walking down to were we would ultimate see the fireworks I noticed […]

The Big Years…

Every birthday is supposed to be special and I totally agree that it should be, but there are some years that will always be more important than others. Most of them are milestones, or just years that people conceive as being turning points in their lives. For example the first birthday is a massive one […]

The Season of I Do..

I take a puff from my Marlboro cigarette. It is a good long puff that is sinfully amazing. 3 months ago I vowed I would give up on these things, but by the time April hit Wedding and engagement pandemonium was in full swing and my only peace and serenity comes in the form of […]

Gift Giving 101- Part II

I started this list last week and thank god I didn’t finish it then because I came across a few more things you shoud do and never do in the gift giving arena. 6. Don’t catch an attitude with people in stores because you are running behind. This goes for any old time but I […]

Gift Giving 101- A List in Two Parts

1. Never give someone a gift that you know you want but don’t know if they want 2. Always wrap presents. The plastic bag is not funny, cute or a moment of humor. It is offensive and indicitive of how much you gave a crap about the person’s present. 3. Never wait till the last […]

I don’t believe in sports, I just believe in love..

I’m a pretty straight-forward, traditional, stereotypical girlie-girly. I exercise because you are supposed to, I drink Cosmopolitans and Malibu Bay Breezes, and I love shopping and watching romantic comedies, I don’t like to sweat and I prefer the wonder of a hotel suite to a camping trip. I am what the “girlie-girl” was based on […]

The Wonder of the Voicemail..

Okay, so I know it’s a bit of an odd title but I got to thinking today about the wonder of the voicemail. Today while I was working on a rather intensive project my cell phone began ringing. I sent it to voicemail, about ten minutes later the same thing happened and I did the […]

Confessions of a Picture Junkie- Part II

I’ve already mentioned that I’m a massive picture junkie. I take pictures of everything and because of that I am a multiple camera owner. I have the digital point and shoot which is in my purse on a daily basis. I have the DSLR because I love to spend money on stuff I don’t need. […]

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