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Guide to Gifts for Mom

When you are looking for a gift for your mother, whether it’s for Mother’s Day or it’s for her birthday, you want to put a lot of thought into her gift. The last thing that you want to do is to rush out at the last minute to buy her a bouquet of flowers or […]

Color Me Mine

Color Me Mine is a ceramics activity store/center were you can paint your own ceramics to make the customized and unique. It is a pretty cool place and I’ve visited a couple of times. What you can do up there is pretty amazing. During my last visit I got to thinking about custom gifts in […]

People Spent Less on Mother’s Day Gifts.

Two years the average amount spent on Mother’s day was $139.00, this year people spent around $120.00 on average. The twenty dollar difference is being blamed on the economy and many believe that eventually gift giving trends will rebound as the economy gets better however those who rely heavily on Mother’s day for sales find […]

Everyone has their own quirks.

I hung up the phone last night with my love interest after a heated debate over how sneakers and shoes should be organized. We tend to fight and argue about such things because we are both “strong” personalities and apparently organization really gets our blood pumping (clearly we are both giant geeks and that’s why […]

Happy Mother’s Day

So Mother’s day has come and gone. I hope you’ve all given your mom a wonderful gift and the love an attention that she so desperately deserves (or doesn’t, however you may see it). Mother’s day is the holy guilt holiday in my honest opinion. My mom personally uses it to launch all of her […]

Mother’s Day: Part II

I was approached today by my older brother (I referenced him before) regarding mother’s day.  He had left me a voice mail inquiring about whether “cash” would be an appropriate gift or not and if not he’d like to get in on my gift! Now my sibling, again bless his heart, is really bad with […]

Tips and Tricks for Shopping for Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is mere moments away and thousands upon thousands of hapless offspring are searching for the perfect gift to give mom. If your like me you’ll be searching the day before for the right gift and will be wondering the aisles of hallmark and fighting mobs of other shoppers mere hours before you head […]