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I’ve got a thing for office supplies so when a good friend of mine called the other day to inform me that Staples had notebooks on sale for 1 cent I ran right over there and scooped up as many as I can. I love these things more than you can imagine and probably more […]

Micheal Jackson Dies at home…Memorabilia Skyrockets.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog to bring you the news of MJ’s death. Everyone who doesn’t live in a cave in some far off Island already knows that Michael Jackson went into cardiac arrest at a rented home in L.A, possible following a Demerol shot. What is now emerging is the fact that Michael […]

Gift Giving 101- Part II

I started this list last week and thank god I didn’t finish it then because I came across a few more things you shoud do and never do in the gift giving arena. 6. Don’t catch an attitude with people in stores because you are running behind. This goes for any old time but I […]

Gift Giving 101- A List in Two Parts

1. Never give someone a gift that you know you want but don’t know if they want 2. Always wrap presents. The plastic bag is not funny, cute or a moment of humor. It is offensive and indicitive of how much you gave a crap about the person’s present. 3. Never wait till the last […]

I love a parade!

It’s warm in New York again and the cold, snowy winter is just a faint memory now. It is funny how NYers or any cold climate dweller can quickly forget the nature of the beast that is winter. Anyway with the warm weather comes the festivals, feasts and parades  I am a huge parade junkie […]

The Wonder of the Voicemail..

Okay, so I know it’s a bit of an odd title but I got to thinking today about the wonder of the voicemail. Today while I was working on a rather intensive project my cell phone began ringing. I sent it to voicemail, about ten minutes later the same thing happened and I did the […]

People Spent Less on Mother’s Day Gifts.

Two years the average amount spent on Mother’s day was $139.00, this year people spent around $120.00 on average. The twenty dollar difference is being blamed on the economy and many believe that eventually gift giving trends will rebound as the economy gets better however those who rely heavily on Mother’s day for sales find […]

Google Just Keeps Growing…

So we already knew that Google is the top dog for search engines,but their shopping search is growing steadily and is also reigning “top dog”. In April 2009 Google carried out 5.5 billion shopping searches, or about 64% of the shopping search market. The Google shopping searches have increased steadily by 6.5% for the last […]

Online vs. In-store

Jack Mandel of Newsday suggests that college students are losing their ability to interact in the shopping experience. The professor suggest that online shoppers are only concerned with two things; convenience and price. While he admits these are not bad things he wonders if the loss of interaction is a potential negative. I have to […]

Another Reason to Shop Online

States are in serious financial trouble and the green movement is growing more popular by the day. State governments around the nation have decided to take the green movement and capitalize on it. Several cities and states are thinking in instituting a “bag tax”. The bag tax would impose a $.5 tax on each plastic […]

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