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Board Games…

I was in Toys ‘r’ Us recently looking for a gift for my boyfriend’s niece. I can not tell you how much I love that darn store. I’m a big kid at heart and all the toys of today are so incredibly cool and complicated. I happened to wonder into the board game section of […]

Knickknacks, Bric-a-brac, Dust Collectors….

Don’t be afraid to admit it, you love knickknacks. While many, many people insist they don’t like dust collectors. Even the ultra-modern hipsters have them. We have just replaced the accouterments of old lady chic and put a technological and young spin on them. Here is the thing; you can’t live a life without ever […]

The Champagne Glass..

I went to an anniversary party a couple of weekends back. It was a first anniversary party so we were celebrating the fact that two human beings who were completely different managed to not claw each others eyes out for an entire year (yes I am, in fact, a hopeless romantic). Well when it all […]

Baby Love..

I have a pregnant friend. She is so pregnant, in fact, that I expect her to implode at any moment. As i’ve mentioned I’m not a wedding girl but lord how I love the babies! When searching for baby gifts I try to go a bit off the beaten path. I don’t really bother with […]

Give yourself a gift! You’ve earned it!

I personally am a bit self-serving. I believe with all my heart that people should give themselves a gift once every couple of months. I’m not talking about the stuff you need like clothes and shoes. I am talking about something you truly want but don’t necessarily need. If I’m in a particularly festive mood […]

Organize for Spring: Tip # 1

Organizing your world can help you feel invigorated and productive. As someone who works from an office in my home organization is always a top priority. Not only do I work alone but I am an adult living with ADHD. Making sure my world is organized is one of the most important things to me […]

Confessions of a Picture Junkie….

As I flipped through my thumb drive I had a realization, some would call it an epiphany. I am a photo junkie! I take hundreds upon hundreds of pictures. There are photos from traveling, from parties and from mundane daily tasks. I am one of those people who always has a camera on hand. I […]