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What Store Was That Again

My best friend called me today and had something like this to say “Remember when you saw that bag you liked, in that store..what store was it?” A. The odds that I remember what store are slim to none. I am in at least 12 different stores, 3-5 times a week B. I hate when […]

Cell Phone Junkie lives!

I am a strange hybrid of woman. I love frilly goodness and wonderful perfume but I also adore gadgets. Oh my, I’m a technology geek to the max. I got my new cell phone a couple of days ago and I am desperately in love with it. It was a freebie for switching to a […]

Hey there, Sports Fan!

The boys of summer are in full swing and with that comes crushing defeats and off-the-wall wins. I love baseball. I’m a New Yorker so I root for my team with fever and abandon. It’s a big thing here in the city that never sleeps. We are fresh off a very crushing defeat but I […]

Summer Birthdays

I am blessed and cursed with a summer birthday. Summer birthdays work to your advantage because they don’t fall around a time where people are out there buying tons of other gifts for holiday seasons, but at the same time the summer birthday seems to pigeon hole some people into buying seasonally themed presents. God, […]

Forever Young…

Everyone has a friend that is forever young in their hearts and minds. Yes, it is the friend who doesn’t want to settle down, the friend who still loves video games or stuffed animals well into their late 20’s and early 30s. I have a few friends like that on both sides of the gender […]

I don’t believe in sports, I just believe in love..

I’m a pretty straight-forward, traditional, stereotypical girlie-girly. I exercise because you are supposed to, I drink Cosmopolitans and Malibu Bay Breezes, and I love shopping and watching romantic comedies, I don’t like to sweat and I prefer the wonder of a hotel suite to a camping trip. I am what the “girlie-girl” was based on […]

Things I hate as Presents…

So my birthday is coming up again and I got to thinking about all the gifts I get that I simply don’t like. Don’t get my wrong I’m thankful that people thought of me on my birthday. I adore that they want to give me presents but some of the gifts just are not very […]

The Man Who Gives Good Gifts…

My boyfriend and I have been together for about 5 years now. We met when we were in our Sophomore years of college (at different schools) and have been together ever since. From the moment I laid eyes on him I thought he was a great looking guy and he is, but he’s awesome in […]