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Suggestions on Giving Wine Gifts

A list of situations where wine may not be the perfect gift.

Gift Giving 101- A List in Two Parts

1. Never give someone a gift that you know you want but don’t know if they want 2. Always wrap presents. The plastic bag is not funny, cute or a moment of humor. It is offensive and indicitive of how much you gave a crap about the person’s present. 3. Never wait till the last […]

I love a parade!

It’s warm in New York again and the cold, snowy winter is just a faint memory now. It is funny how NYers or any cold climate dweller can quickly forget the nature of the beast that is winter. Anyway with the warm weather comes the festivals, feasts and parades  I am a huge parade junkie […]

People Spent Less on Mother’s Day Gifts.

Two years the average amount spent on Mother’s day was $139.00, this year people spent around $120.00 on average. The twenty dollar difference is being blamed on the economy and many believe that eventually gift giving trends will rebound as the economy gets better however those who rely heavily on Mother’s day for sales find […]