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Gift Giving 101- Part II

I started this list last week and thank god I didn’t finish it then because I came across a few more things you shoud do and never do in the gift giving arena. 6. Don’t catch an attitude with people in stores because you are running behind. This goes for any old time but I […]

Gift Giving 101- A List in Two Parts

1. Never give someone a gift that you know you want but don’t know if they want 2. Always wrap presents. The plastic bag is not funny, cute or a moment of humor. It is offensive and indicitive of how much you gave a crap about the person’s present. 3. Never wait till the last […]

Everyone has their own quirks.

I hung up the phone last night with my love interest after a heated debate over how sneakers and shoes should be organized. We tend to fight and argue about such things because we are both “strong” personalities and apparently organization really gets our blood pumping (clearly we are both giant geeks and that’s why […]

Graduation Time Again

May is creeping up upon us again and that means one thing; Graduation. Students in both high school and colleges across the country are getting ready to graduate. They are moving forward and embarking on a new journey in life. It’s a wonderful event but their poor family members and family friends are often left […]