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Love Always…Maybe.

It is only realistic to realize that love is not always forever. Things happen, marriages end and relationships can be halted quickly, but there was an interesting article I read recently about the issue of wedding gifts for a wedding that doesn’t go off. In the haze of misery and despair some people forget their […]

The Bridal March…

Early on a Saturday morning a good friend of mine called to ask me if I’d like  to go look at china with her. Now it was 9:30 in the morning on a stormy Saturday. I didn’t find my way into my home until almost 3am and even over 6 hours later  the rum coma […]

The Season of I Do..

I take a puff from my Marlboro cigarette. It is a good long puff that is sinfully amazing. 3 months ago I vowed I would give up on these things, but by the time April hit Wedding and engagement pandemonium was in full swing and my only peace and serenity comes in the form of […]

The Champagne Glass..

I went to an anniversary party a couple of weekends back. It was a first anniversary party so we were celebrating the fact that two human beings who were completely different managed to not claw each others eyes out for an entire year (yes I am, in fact, a hopeless romantic). Well when it all […]

Wedding Woes

I’ve watched the wedding tornado move through the lives of several friends. I tend to stand far back from these affairs because frankly I’m missing the “bride gene” (like Carrie Bradshaw) and Coach handbags interest me far more than toasting flutes and cake knives, but my “fly on the wall” attitude towards wedding talk has […]